I have recently launched a Gemini capsule:

Screenshot of my Gemini capsule

What is that?

A capsule is like a website, except on the Gemini protocol. Gemini is like the World Wide Web, but for cool people. It is the text-based alternative, with no auto-playing videos or even unwanted images (except perhaps ASCII art), no scripts either! It is in following with the philosophy of the first EXTRATONE SAMPLER - "Simple But Powerful".

Gemini is often compared to the earlier-web of the 90s, it is a lot more personal than the cold advertisement-driven web you're used to. Instead of relying on search-engines or algorithms to discover new websites, it is common to find lists of recommended capsules on each capsule - friends promoting friends and the ocassional handmade large-scale directory such as gemini://

What to do?

First things first, you should download a Gemini browser. Internet Explorer, Chromium, Brave, Palemoon, etc. are for browsing the web, so they won't work in gemini-space. I used the Amfora browser in my screenshot above, but there are alternatives (though usually not with so many features as Amfora). There is a neat guide on getting into Gemini HERE.

After that you should tell your mates about Gemini space. Following the previous link, you should easily be able to host your own little Gemini-site without even needing to rent a private server. Gemini files (.gmi) are INFINITELY easier to set up and write than traditional .html and .php files - you do not need to be good with computers to write a capsule. When you've made one, send me a link at and I will gladly share your capsule on mine!

HERE is literally everything you need to know about .gmi files. They could not be simpler: what you see is what you get!

When you're finished, remember to bully and/or dab-upon so-called "underground" artists who rely on facebook to communicate with fans and rely on youtube to share their music. But do keep the dabbing constructive - your mission is to unplug people from the matrix, and not to be mean for the sake of being mean.

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If you wish to donate, here are some ways you can. I enjoy running the website and do not expect financial help, but any contributions would make my day! Thank you.