Music released on the Extratone Regeneration label. Digital and Physical.

Physical Releases

Cassette and vinyl releases from Extratone Regeneration.

Xtrtnomnibus (Cassette)

By Flyswatter.

£9. ERGN07. Professionally recorded and printed C90 Cassette tape. Limited to 20 copies!

front ergn07 back ergn07

40 tracks of mechanised eardeath from London's finest.

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Tritone Paradox (Vinyl)

By Diabarha, Eater of Sheep & Lysergide.

£10. ERGN04. 12" vinyl record. Limited to 100 copies!

front cover back cover

Cold hard tones on cold black plastic. Do you believe in the Regeneration yet?

Rejected by several cutting-studios for risking damage to equipment, this is one of the hardest records you will ever hear. Too much for conventional lacquer, the master-disc had to be forged in copper to avoid blowing things up!

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Sold-out Physicals

⚔️V.A. - Medieval Terrortone
ERGN06. C45 Cassette (Homemade). Six copies. Primitive Extratone compilation organised by Flyswatter!
🦐Eater of Sheep - Neoproterozoic Nostalgia
ERGN05. C45 Cassette (Homemade). Six copies. Melodic Extratone Album. Available digitally as ERGN-NET11 (Bandcamp).
🫂MG Mucus - Fonz & Patch (Bandcamp)
ERGN03. 5-inch Record. 10 Copies. Two wild Flextone tracks! Also available digitally.
🍄Eater of Sheep & PilzKrieger - Morþordrēam (Bandcamp)
ERGN02. C45 Cassette (Pro). 20 Copies. Extremely diverse selection of XTRTN tracks. Also available digitally.
🌿MG Mucus & Hersenerosie - The Spliff Tape (Bandcamp)
ERGN01. C45 Cassette (Pro). 20 Copies. Mucal extremism vs Hersenerosie terrorism. Also available digitally.

Digital Releases

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ERGN-NET Underground Era

😷Cuntsplitterkor - Surgeon of the Cuntsplitter Serum
ERGN-NET33. Curing melody-nerds one static-crunch at a time.
🎇Eater of Sheep - Selection Pressure Two
ERGN-NET32. Precambrian mechanical violence. Celebrating the discovery of Auroralumina.
😌HMSCRE, Tonekiller & MG Mucus - Lost Unbenannt
ERGN-NET31. Two minute micro-release of Flex breaking down into noise.
🥼Smiderpan - Testing The Txtrtn
ERGN-NET30. Ultra-DIY Extratone performed live using homemade software.
🪸Eater of Sheep - Selection Pressure One
ERGN-NET29. Melodic tones calmly drifting into the new Eon.
🐲DJ Littianchi - Bìng jiāo sù hé! Lónggōng lǐnài Extratone
ERGN-NET28. Single track of old-fashioned Speedcore/Extratone, very 2000s!
🥤Flyswatter & Smiderpan - Beverages Of Canada
ERGN-NET27. Refreshing liquid-Xtrtn of Xtraterrestial origin.
🔋Cuntsplitterkor - Eating Batterys For Extratone
ERGN-NET26. Varied compilation of CSK tracks from 2021-2022.
🐪Bl00d Overdrive - Bl00d Overdrive EP (Extended Version)
ERGN-NET25. Lost noisecore EP from 2014, rediscovered and re-released but with more Speedcore and Extratone.
🤘HMSCRE - Extraire Le Diable et Terre
ERGN-NET24. HMSCRE returns, another short-but-sweet EP!
🐘Flyswatter - God Likes Elephants
ERGN-NET23. Cute TempleOS theme, gentle HolyC flexxing.

ERGN-NET Bandcamp Era

☣️Smiderpan - Warcrime (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET22. Smiderpan goes silly and Spiderman-posessed again.
🤯The First Seed - Fuck The System Is Fucked (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET21. Atmospheric brain-melting tones with jaded cynicism.
😠Zdolny3600 - Oszillotracktor5000 (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET20. Cold and unforgiving. Lots of static but no mercy.
🎅Flyswatter & Smiderpan - Late Xtrtnmas (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET19. 23 fun christmas-themed tracks.
🦁Ronnie British - Four Lions EP (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET18. Surprisingly strong tones with lots of humour.
⚡V.A. - Extratone Relay Vol. 2 (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET17. Another small Extratone compilation - but bigger than the first one!
Flyswatter - Extratoening For The Flag (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET16. Wild Islamopatriotic tones. Very varied and impressive album, plenty of flex.
🍨Deathvanatik, MG Mucus & Cuntsplitterkor - The Audiovisiual Fuck Viscosity 3 Way Split (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET15. Exhausting listening experience, for musical-masochists only.
⚡V.A. - Extratone Relay Vol. 1 (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET14. 4-way split between Eater of Sheep, Flyswatter, Origin of Styx and MG Mucus.
🔪Sztargard3600 - Hooliganski Extratoene (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET13. Spiteful purist brutality under an oppressive atmosphere. Very strongly recommended!
💣HSMCRE - Destroying Musical Concepts (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET12. Short HMSCRE EP, the original email had a typo in the artist name!
🦐Eater of Sheep - Neoproterozoic Nostalgia (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET11. Prehistoric and melodic. The Cambrian substrate revolution and its consequences have been a disaster.
🫖Flyswatter - More Tea and Biscuits (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET10. Intense, buzzing and raw. Relentless fixtones.
🔌Smiderpan - Modular Experiments (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET09. Varied experimental tracks, more sophisticated than other Smiderpan material.
🔄Hexagen66 & Eater of Sheep - Tenet & Opabinia (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET08. Two profoundly different approaches to the art of tone!
🏊Eater of Sheep & Flyswatter - Zero% Bamzooki (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET07. Rhythmic tracks building up to a finale-gone-flexual.
🎃Death To Your Eardrums - Extratone Rituals (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET06B. A bubbling cauldron of bone-grinding bass and sharp squeaks.
🥽DZKYIN - Experimentatone 2.0 (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET06A. Yeah, we have two 06s. Deal with it. Weird experimental stuff alert.
🐍PilzKrieger & Flyswatter - Schlangenfresser (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET05. The PilzKrieger endgame; the debut of Flyswatter.
🔥V.A. - Extratone Reborn (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET04. Our largest compilation. ERGN rises from the ashes of ER. Many excellent artists!!
🦄Smiderpan - Pastel Hierarchy (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET03. Noisy rhythmic catharsis.
👽SpaceyAlien - Extratone Dissorder Part 2 (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET02. Weird EP with lots of disorientating sample-stretching and speeding-up.
😴Death To Your Eardrums - Wake Up! (Bandcamp)
ERGN-NET01. Gritty scraping tones. Rhythmic and absurdly hard. Will definitely keep you up at night.

ERGN-ER Transition

Extratone Regeneration took over from Extratone Records in 2019, so there were a few transitional releases (planned by ER, but with increasing involvement from ERGN) to make the switch smooth.

🎲Hexagen66 - Kral is Dead (Blogspot)
ERGN-ER60. Hexagen sheds his old skin.
🧠Exp-23.25 - Over-Awareness (Blogspot)
ERGN-ER59. Dizzying Super-to-Hypertone.
🐺SpeedKoyot - Anthro (Blogspot)
ERGN-ER58. Stylish Melodic Extratone.
❓KGIOM & Friends - Extatone Fucks Bara (Aint an Loli) (Blogspot)
ERGN-ER57. Homosexual 💩tones. I have no idea what on Earth that title is supposed to mean.

Unofficial Releases

These are collections of tracks by specific artists, taken from outside of their existing solo releases, for easier organisation and listening. Generally speaking, all I have modified are the filenames and mp3 tags.

😈Licho Miscellany
20 tracks.
👧Kid From Closet Miscellany
15 tracks.
🎧DJ Yuko Miyamura Collection
5 tracks.

Extratone Regeneration