🩸Bl00d Overdrive - Bl00d Overdrive EP Extended Version🐪

ERGN-NET25. Released 3rd March 2022.

My Arizonan internet-friend of nearly 9 years, OriginOfStyx, found some old hyper-distorted 💩core, 💩tone, etc. that he made as Bl00d Overdrive around 2014. This included his old lost Bl00d Overdrive EP (reuploaded here!) which I had been looking for (craving some nostalgia, duh).

For this version, we threw in six of his other rediscovered tracks as bonuses, which generally increased the tone-content percentage of the release to a more suitable level. As well as the occasional Extratone tracks, there are lots of obnoxiously-distorted renditions of well known tracks, breakcore elements, and high-tempo speedcore tracks with some drum-buzzings slipping through in the fastest bits 😉

The result is a very varied and entertaining experience. Ugh, my writing is terrible today, and my image editing. Why the camel art? Good question; I thought it'd be a cool throwback to the original 'Camelcrusher' cover-art in the original release. Instead, it came out looking pretty silly and weird, and therefore unintentionally fitting! B.O., please forgive me for this absolute shambles of a write-up!! 😭

Download ERGN-NET25

For more silliness in this style, with a little more toning, take a peak at our old SNW1 and SNW2 collaborations on Legs Akimbo, immortalising our edgy internet-atheist phases! 😂 For grave, somber and more serious works: check out the OriginOfStyx Bandcamp.


    From The Original

  1. Noisestorm
  2. All The Animals Are Dead
  3. Distorting Italy
  4. Relaxing Ambient Music Mix
  5. Me Gusta El Distortion
  6. Bonus Tracks

  7. Daexic - Untitled 001 (Taylor Hackett Remix)
  8. LOS - The Sad Story Of My Heart (Taylor Hackett Remix)
  9. FL Studio Just Crashed
  10. The Exploitation Of The Proletariat
  11. God Rest Ye Merry Extratone
  12. Barney Extreme Music Compilation (Funny)
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