🔋Cuntsplitterkor - Eating Batterys For Extratone🔌

ERGN-NET26. Released 1st April 2022.

Gosh, I hope those miss-spellings are intenshunal!😉 Here is Cuntsplitterkor, 🤡Jester🃏 of the XTRTN Palace, eating Batterys(sic) for our amusement.🍷👑 Many of the tracks capture the acidic glitch-stuttering you'd expect from the LiPo connoisseur, but there are still plenty of courses for those of us with more musical appetites. Enough with the food metaphors, dig in!🍴

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  1. Herbaciarka
  2. Drink Battery Acid To Prove Love Is Nothing
  3. Radioactive Sounds & Ass Clapping Hounds
  4. Satan Fears Me
  5. Fotzen im Zug (Short Version)
  6. Extratone Againist(sic) Lolis
  7. Hentai D1struktion
  8. Maktojebca Kot
  9. Terror To Your Ear
  10. Cuntsplitterkor vs Flyswatter - Swatterkor 1.0
  11. Flowing Into The Forgotten Hyperverse
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