🥼Smiderpan - Testing The Txtrtn🔧

ERGN-NET30. Released 20th May 2022.

UPDATE 21/05/22: Everything is fine again. Go get this EP off Glitch City instead, mmkay.

A re-release of the recent EP on Glitch City. Ultra-DIY Extratone made with larval-stage homemade software.

Glitch City appears to be down, so I am rereleasing this EP as some people missed the GC version. If anyone knows anything about what is going on, or if anyone has backup files of the GC catalogue saved, then please do get in touch. 🙂 Thank you.

Download ERGN-NET30


  1. Test1
  2. Test2
  3. Test3
  4. Test4
  5. Test5
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