Cuntsplitterkor - Surgeon of the Cuntsplitter Serum

ERGN-NET33. Released 31st August 2022.

Another tastelessly named release from the tastelessly named Cuntsplitterkor! He describes it as a "vaccine for melodic extratone addiction". Lovely! Grating antimelodic crunchy statictones. Includes some collaborations with Flyswatter.

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  1. Edgelord
  2. Homemade Lycanthropy
  3. Restless
  4. Flexxxing On Satan
  5. Trash Panda vs Extratune
  6. Official Project Speedcore Dungeon 9 Anthem
  7. Yoshster061 - Dysphoria (Cuntsplitterkor Remix)
  8. Polish No!se Anarchy (Flyswatter Remix)
  9. Cuntsplitterkor vs Flyswatter - Swatterkor 2.0
  10. Cuntsplitterhansen
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