ERGN06: Medieval Terrortone

ERGN06 - Medieval Terrortone. Limited to 6 copies. Sold out.

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41 minute Primitive Extratone compilation on cassette. Organised by Flyswatter. A digital version may be released later in the year.

The idea was to "strip down the formula", discarding our modular-synths and fancy-flexes; nostalgia for the days of Glitch City and 1000+. Something more reminiscent of Ralph Brown or Einrich3600BPM. Good old fashioned TRRRRRRRR-ing. Despite these rather modest plans, the resulting compilation has plenty of variety and many interesting tracks: a medieval menagerie of mangled bassdrums.


  1. AK4700BPM - Untitled
  2. The Village Idiot - Spierdalam Zlote Jablko
  3. Smiderpan - ASDA Idiots Moved The Barley
  4. Romek the Barbarian - Idealisci
  5. The Village Idiot - Batzen
  6. Zdolny3600 - Hydrostat VI
  7. Sztargard3600BPM - Abdul Al Qari
  8. Ronnie British - Silly Sausage
  9. Szymzon Azi - Medieval Terrortone
  10. Ronnie British & Sztargard3600BPM - Junkers
  11. Zdolny3600 - Kein Blut
  12. Ronnie British - Skegz
  13. Smiderpan - Gemüsesuppe
  14. AK4700BPM - Untitled 2

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