Here are some words often-or-occasionally used when discussing XTRTN. Because words don't mean anything if nobody understands them!

I will add more definitions and details to this over time. Email me definition suggestions or criticisms if you disagree with my definitions.

Word List

Those tones that go too fast. They make a really loud beeeeep sound that makes everyone go deaf, good at the end of a set. Basically loud Supertone, not the quieter atmospheric variety.
Best musical style ever. Music relying heavily on "tones" (see Tone). See the introduction page.
Extratone with set tempos, no Flex. The music may have Octotones or even multiple indivisible tempos at once, so not to be confused with Monotone
To continuously alter the tempo of a tone, often to create sliding gradient effects.
One of the few meaningful sub-styles of Extratone. XTRTN but with Flex (see above), more extreme and noise-influenced than the usual Melodic Extratone and Octotones.
Supertones beyond the range of human hearing, and typically well beyond the sample-rate of their audio-files, but that still leave behind audible sections due to additional effects/variations or glitches in software. Kind of lame.
A word for that-style-of-music-often-called-Extratone-but-well-below-3600bpm. High-end Splitter. I think that people who use this word are trying too hard, but it does make some sense. The beats may still be distinct, but to the listener they are losing individual significance.
Tiny little bursts of XTRTN beats, as opposed to the usual prolonged drilling sounds. Not to be confused with the more serious fancy meaning of microtones.
Heard of Nightcore and Lolicore? I guess this is like the Extratoned version. High-pitched anime-girlish voices. I don't get it, I'm not a weeb. I get the fast Bzzzvvrrrrrr-ing though.
Extratone that doesn't change tempo, not even in an Octotone way, and possibly doesn't change anything else either. Boring, to be taken even less seriously than everything else on this site.
Extratone with tones only shifting frequencies in whole-octaves. In other words, the drums doubles/halve their tempos at different points, e.g. a track that plays at 750/1500/3000/6000 BPM. This describes most Extratone tracks, especially those made in conventional DAWs like FL Studio.
Transfinite/Infinite BPM XTRTN using OMG SUPER TOP SECRET METHODS THAT YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND ✋😮✋. I don't take this seriously at all but some people do and I find that funny.
Hard, aggressive electronic music with a focus on high-tempos. Often over 300 beats-per-minute.
More extreme Speedcore tracks played at over 600BPM. Here Speedcore begins to show some more Extratoenisch characteristics as, although the beats are distinct, they start becoming less meaningful individually to the listener. Similar to Infratone, but usually not so fast.
See Infratone.
The style of Pressterror and early El Krawallo/Schranzerfinderfuckyou, very aggressive Speedcore without much care for melody. Not consistently defined, my shirt says "SPEEDCORE+SPLITTERCORE=SUIZIDCORE" but some people use it to refer to speedcore in the Infratone tempo-range. This is best thought of as a brand rather than as a subgenre or style.
Extreme Extratone, accelerated to the point that the tones become sharp squeaks. Good fun at the end of a party to chase people out! Originally defined by Diabarha as Extratone over 15000BPM - though nobody cool cares about specific BPMs. Can be loud and intense (Bieeptones) or gentle and atmospheric.
A section of music in which the beats are played fast enough to blur into one continuous sound (somewhere around 3000BPM). Sometimes heard at the end of a snare-rush in more mainstream music.
VCV (Rack)
Free modular-synthesiser for your computer. Excellent tool for producing Extratone and for overheating laptops. VCV is not a real acronym - it means whatever you want it to mean.
Extratone but short-hand. Sometimes I use this more specifically for talking about the XTRTN VCV Plugin.

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