🧊The Extratone Iceberg🔎

Update, 7th Jan 10:39 PM: Here's a graphical and slightly altered version for easier sharing.

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Above The Surface

On The Peak

Uranoid, "Muh 1000BPM Subgenre Of Speedcore"

Approaching The Water

Speedcore Network, Extratone Pirates, Diabarha, Macie Tu Extratone Gnoje, "Please Attention, Creative Response... This is not normal!"

Below The Surface

Barely Submerged

Supertone, "Hypertone", Sunhiausa, browsing via youtube, Extratone Records, "Melodic Extratone", Boring subgenre nerds

Casual Listener

3600BPM "Truth", Extratone Sampler Series, Ralph Brown, "Suizidcore", EXTRATONE facebook group, Extratone Regeneration

Extratone Enthusiast

Flextone, https://extratone.xyz, 1000+ Netlabel, PilzKrieger, Einrich Worship, Extratone cassettes, Hertz not BPM, "Omegatone" bullpoop

The Depths

Tonebrained Veteran

Speaking in Mucusisms (e.g. Fixtone and Octotone), Glitch City, Understanding that Einrich is overrated, Pirtek, Legion of Speedcore, Extradrone, Phuture Extratone

Ancient Flexivore

100+ SPPECORE, Extratone YTP (djninjalovemistake), VCO-to-trigger, Solfeggio Frequencies, Mucus+Kotaks, "Moetone", High-Speed Morse Code, Drumless Extratone, XTRTN-plugin, Tempo-Shepardtones

Beyond Saving

Googological "Hypertone" notation, Fully automatic generative xtrtn patches, SUJC, VCV Takeover Plot, using lost "Extratone Girlfriend" software, Sherpardtone Diagonalisation

Mere Myth?

Immer Schneller Records

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