📮Important Posts✍️

Meta-post, will be updated ocassionally to showcase the posts I'm most proud of.

An introduction to Extratone. No, it is not about 1000BPM.
Jargon definitions. Subgenres and techniques demystified.
🥁ERGN-NET Releases
Full list of digital releases from Extratone Regeneration.
🌪️Subgenre Spiralling
Rambling about the extremes of both Slowcore-Doomcore and Extratone, where the subgenres break-down.
🧊The Iceberg
A quick iceberg meme. Admittedly, I missed some pretty important bits.
👧Extratone Girlfriend
Old Java software for anyone curious. Not very useful!
🐰Rabbits Lay Eggs
An off-topic idle/incremental game written in lazy Javascript. Was well recieved on Reddit. 🤓

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