🔪 Kid From Closet Miscellany 👧

Somebody recently confessed to me by email that they were not familiar with the works of Kid From Closet. Well, that simply won't do at all! For those of you also unfamiliar with her, be sure to check out her two Extratone EPs in the Library. There is also a third EP on SKRD, but that doesn't have much Extratone in it. Her early work includes two very-popular mixes which can be found at the bottom of her soundcloud, and she absolutely stole the show with her sets at 'Legion of Speedcore'.

Anyway, I realised that some of her best tracks - such as Misogenyst Lars Von - are buried away deep within lengthy compilations. I retrieved 15 buried tracks and organised them into an unofficial compilation which you can download HERE. I have also added a link to the library.

  1. Besessenheit
  2. For The Love Of Cock
  3. Anal Drill
  4. About Intolerance
  5. Dada Song
  6. Extratone Execution
  7. Hidden Sadness
  8. Misogenyst Lars Von (with Ralph Brown)
  9. Nasty Whore
  10. Orgasmtone
  11. Posessed By Extratone
  12. Revival
  13. Sober Sucks
  14. Lost In Forest
  15. Devotion

I didn't pay too much attention to the track order to be perfectly honest, but I put her two slower tracks at the start, the next 11 tracks are all Extratone/Speedcore, and then the final two tracks are noise. Volume levels, mastering, etc. are all a mess because these tracks are taken from many different compilations.

Thanks to Kid From Closet for producing all of these tracks, thanks to the various labels who released her tracks, and thanks to lolicore.org for hosting some of the more obscure song-files.

Enjoy! 💕💕

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