🤘Licho Miscellany😈

7!cHO, the man behind the Extratone Sampler series, has done a lot for XTRTN. Sampler 2 was an incomprehensibly huge compilation - and the others weren't far behind! His EXTRATONE Facebook group grew to an enormous size leading to his Extratone Records label (the precessor to this website and Extratone Regeneration label)... well, what more needs to said? It was the first place I went to when populating the library! Without it our precious buzzy-BRRRRRR-boys of the post-Thousandplus-era would have been scattered across more obscure labels and buried away on Speedcore/Breakcore labels, as they are now!

Licho has a lot of XTRTN tracks under his belt. Some of them take a little bit of searching to find, as very few tracks are in his three Extratone EPs (four including ZyX). Understandably, Licho released a compilation-album, 'Single Shots', to bring it all together. But Single Shots is not a complete collection, and - though excellent to listen to - it certainly isn't an EXTRATONE collection. So let's make one!

Here I have organised 20 of his Extratone tracks that aren't found on his solo XTRTN releases. This is an extremely diverse collection. Some of its hard, some of its gentle. A lot of the tracks are what Licho calls "Breaktone", so expect many glitchy Breakcore sections aswell as Speedcore segments between the drumwalls. The tracks are not in any particular order, though I did deliberately put his Intro and Outro tracks for Sampler 4 at the start and end of the compilation. Download it HERE.

  1. Time Is Running Out
  2. Abyss Diver
  3. The Battle With A Space Beetle
  4. Borrow TONE Geld (ft. Ciastcore)
  5. BZRRO Basspunk - Kadavergesellschaft (7!cHO Remix)
  6. Corpse Painted Astral Slug Drowning
  7. BlaKk - Doowahdildo (7!cHO Remix)
  8. Rydel & 7!cHO - Fuck You
  9. ILL - Brutal Porn Slam Attack
  10. ILL - Great Sisters Of Extratone Apocalypse
  11. MAX The Disintegrator - Antimatter (7!cHO Remix)
  12. Manufactured In The TONE Spirit
  13. The Motherfucker - Fucking Brain Destrukktion (7!cHO Remix)
  14. Obecność Cz[w]arta (Wewnętrzna)
  15. Paris HILL Tone
  16. Sometonething To Say
  17. What's In The Closet (Extratoned Childhood 2)
  18. Unholy Guitar Demolition
  19. Noize Overdose - XTRTN Party (7!cHO Remix)
  20. ZyX Spectrum - Above Us Is Silence

Thank you very much for your service, 7!cHO. 🖤

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