Downloading From LolicoreNet

Many XTRTN albums in the Library are, or were, hosted on or Unfortunately, that site is not reliable, and has perhaps gone offline 5 EVER (like forever but even more ever).

Luckily for us, someone called Grom and his friends ressurected the archive as! Yay! The collections for some more recent labels (e.g. Extratone Rec) aren't complete yet, so it's probably better to visit those sites directly. BUT for the older, more obscure stuff (dare I say, lost media?) such as Extermination Recordings this website is absolutely fantastic. 🥰 I will have to update the links in the library later, perhaps automatically when I eventually get around to completely redoing the library system.

The text at the top reads: use a sftp client to download/upload. Maybe that sounds intimidating if you don't know what that means. Secure File Transfer Proto-what? No worries. Just open your terminal* and type:

sftp -oPort=1488

Then log in with the password (hint: check the website).

For the next bit, find the directory for the album or label you're after (you can use ls and cd as usual) and use the command get -R (path to directory). Congratulations, you are downloading from! Isn't it cool?

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