New Mucus And Kotaks!

Just found out about the latest Mucus+Kotaks split! 😮

MG Mucus / Kotaks - Split 2021 on Ton Cul Dans Mon Doigt Netlabel.

Sadly I only found out about this 10 minutes before needing to leave for w*rk, so I ain't listened through it all yet!! Chaotic, noisy Extratone from Mucus in the first 4 tracks - what else would you expect from him?? What I've heard so far, these tracks seem a tad more aggressive than your usual Mucus - but I may just be imagining things. Don't have enough time to compare ahhH! Innocent Rapist was particularly strong in the tone department! The split shifts over to Kotaks, who has many shorter tracks - lots of noisiness and brief bits of silence where everything cuts out, meaning the short bursts of XTRTN come out all the more jarringly. Good stuff! I will definitely be listening over this some more when I get back home! 🤩

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