🔮Upcoming Stuff🤔

Updates may be a little slow for a bit, mostly because I'm very busy with new stuff in the offline-world. Just to reassure you that things are still happening in XTRTN-land, here are my upcoming plans (spoiler alert uwu):

🪰Flyswatter - Xtrtnomnibus Cassette
~90 minute long professionally made Flyswatter cassette compilation!! This is my top xtrtn-priority, coming soon!
🦐Eater of Sheep - Vendian Machines Album
A sequel to Neoproterozoic Nostalgia, melodic but with more of the old 4/4 danceable EoS style like from 2019. I want this album to be my best work, so there will likely be a few EPs of discarded-but-still-good tracks released before Vendian Machines drops. This is a long-term plan.
📚Library Rework
The library is basically the oldest bit of the website and is very ugly (externally and behind the scenes). It will need to be brought back up to the standards of the rest of the website. Low-priority but shouldn't take too long to do.
📂Lolicore.net Uploads
I've found the speedcore-extratone archives on Lolicore.net very useful and would like to have the full Extratone Rec to Extratone Regeneration catalogue uploaded eventually. Low-priority task but most of it will be automatic and in the background.

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