Early Pressterror Appreciation Post 👉🐷👈

A few years ago I made fun of Pressterror before for being boring and using the exact same drums in every track. But believe it or not, I'm not much of a hater - I used to be a pretty big fan, with all the CDs and vinyl! Even now, I sometimes wear my ancient Pressterror: Speedcore+Splittercore=Suizidcore shirt! 😮 Why is this? Because some of his early tracks are awesome. Here I will share some of my old favourites. 🥳

drrressurection of suizidcore ep
This was the first vinyl record I ever bought!

There's also a fantastic collaboration with Ralph Brown on Suizidcore Records Volume 1 (CD). I don't have my CDs with me at the time of writing, but I remember that track was so very very intense. 🤯 Bonus Suizidstuff: SchranzErfinderFuckYou and El Krawallo (Just found out while writing this: SchranzErfinderFuckYou was an alias of El Krawallo! How did I never guess they were the same person? 🤣)

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