Smiderpan Recap


I would like to make some more Smiderpan material over the next month - not necessarily a 100% original-content release, maybe a mash-up of existing Smiderpan tracks with some new vocal elements, lots of effects to tell some sort of story. More about squeezing as much intensity and expression out of old and - dare I say - nostalgic elements, rather than getting bogged down in creating tones from scratch (which honestly I'm still burnt out with!!). It's still early days, but I have quite a few ideas.

Naturally, this meant having to refamiliarise myself with the Smiderpan releases: many of which I hadn't listened to in years. Indeed, I actually forgot to include some of these EPs/albums/whatevers on the Library: don't worry, I'll get around to that later. Turns out there's over 3 hours of Smiderpan shite; that is just the solo works, completely ignoring the ocassional V.A. compilation appearance and the (enormous) Xmas split with Flyswatter. I am very proud of that split with Flyswatter, but it's too recent, no need to relisten to it now.

One 3+ hour marathon later, here are my thoughts on each Smiderpan. The ratings are pretty meaningless and got edited and re-scaled half way through writing. It doesn't make any sense at all to compare early fun-expressive stuff like 50 Shades of Smiderpan on a scale with recent technical/experimenting works like Modular Experiments. But I did it anyway. One last word about the rating system: bare in mind that these rate how good they are by Smiderpan standards. In reality, these are all very silly, so none of them are good by proper musical standards. When I give something an 8 or more out of 10, I'm not really blowing my own trumpet... I promise!!

The Recaps


Relistening to it all was a lot of fun. Although I gave them lower ratings, I preferred listening to the earlier releases because MEMORIES, and they were a lot more fun back when they had shitposty Spiderman clips in them. Sampling real music (especially Britney + Aqua) helps too. Methe and Pastel Hierarchy are definitely better examples of my musical style, but listening to them all back-to-back felt very dry at that point. The changes in style were a lot sharper and more sudden than I expected! So the lesson I've learned is not to skimp-out on the silliness, to return to the roots of youtube-poop-like extratone elements for the next release. I think some of the more recent tracks will really benefit from being mashed-up with such segments. I suppose the new Spiderman film really brings the Tobey Spiderman back into relevence too!

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