I've not given up on VCV Rack, but I have been neglecting it. I'll get back to working on modules again one day, but - to be 107% honest - I've not really used it seriously since like October. Last week I installed Rack 2 on my backup laptop when visiting Flyswatter (EP coming soon!) but before that I had still only used Rack v1 (not including the v2 beta for testing purposes). Eek. So what's wrong with Rack?

Rack melts my computer. I just want something dead-simple that I can run in the terminal. I don't need all the clutter of simulated modules, I just want to VRRRRRRR. Bloomin' simples. If you're on my wavelength, then you might be interested in a little TUI application I made called 'Terminal Extratone' (TXTRTN). Github repo here.


Quite simply, it generates patterns by randomising the behaviour of 'phases', or you can take your time and create phases manually. Then you just need to go on the Drums tab (3) and enable each drum individually. Some tips btw:

Have fun! 🥰

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