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[ERGN07] Flyswatter - Xtrtnomnibus

Released 30th June 2022. C90 Cassette.

40 track compilation. 85 minutes of Flyswatter captured on professionally-recorded and printed cassette. Limited to 20 copies.

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[ERGN04] Diabarha, Eater of Sheep & Lysergide - Tritone Paradox

Released June 25th 2020. 12" Vinyl.

Three artists, three styles, one paradoxical Extratone collaboration! Rejected by several cutting-studios for risking damage to equipment, this is one of the hardest records you will ever hear. Too much for conventional lacquer, the master-disc had to be forged in copper to avoid blowing things up!

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Past Releases

[ERGN08] Smiderpan - ???

Released 7th March 2023. C45 Cassette.

45 minute cassette-exclusive Xtrtn album. Physical rerelease of tracks from the ‘Pastel GANG’ and ‘Pastel Hierarchy’ EPs.

Limited to 6 handnumbered copies.

ERGN08 ERGN08 pic 2

[ERGN06] V.A. - Medieval Terrortone

Released March 2022. C45 Cassette.

Homemade, six hand-numbered copies. Primitive Extratone Compilation. Available digitally as ERGN-NET36.


[ERGN05] Eater of Sheep - Neoproterozoic Nostalgia

Released February 2022. C45 Cassette.

Homemade, six hand-numbered copies. Melodic Extratone Album. Available digitally as ERGN-NET11.

[ERGN03] MG Mucus - Fonz & Patch

Released February 2022. 5" Record.

10 Copies. Two wild Flextone tracks!


[ERGN02] Eater of Sheep & PilzKrieger - Morþordrēam

Released December 5th 2019. C45 Cassette.

20 copies. Extremely diverse selection of XTRTN tracks.


[ERGN01] MG Mucus & Hersenerosie - The Spliff Tape

Released October 23rd 2019

20 copies. Mucal extremism vs Hersenerosie terrorism.