Tenet / Opabinia

Really awesome Hexagen66 track! The familiar buzzings, hyper-dance-worthy rhythms, distorty effects, and so on! Do remember to check out the rest of the Hexagen66/Kral releases while you’re at it!! <3 Comes with two live-made improvised Eater of Sheep tracks, using the extratone-speed drums to play melodies.

Tenet was sent to me by Hexagen66 in November, with the plan to release it in the next Extratone Sampler. I then went offline, broke my laptop, lost my email password, etc, so errrr that didn’t happen. Hopefully he will be okay with me doing it this way. Hexagen, if you are reading this, I’m so sorry it took so long <3 Oh, and I decided to continue with using the name ‘Eater of Sheep’, the music is completely different style now but whatever.



rhythmic · improvisation


Hexagen66 · Eater of Sheep