The Audiovisiual Fuck Viscosity 3 Way Split

Oh no. An hour-and-four-minutes of Extratone. Eek. This 3-way split is a serious test of your listening stamina. I don’t recommend listening to it all in one sitting.

First, Cuntsplitterkor challenges you to sit through 11 minutes of straight flickering tones with no sugar coating. Plenty of filter-sweeps, glitch-stutters, micro-tones(?) promisingly leading up to… more stuttering?! Torture!

Deathvanatik follows up with some length sample-heavy tracks, almost a parody of the Glitch City and 1000+ era. Mercifully, there’s a lot more variation in this segment, though the sped-up noises will wear away at your sanity.

After what feels like an eternity, MG Mucus ends your sonic-masochism with a billion-BPM bullet to the head. You probably won’t get that far.





Deathvanatik · MG Mucus · Cuntsplitterkor