Beverages of Canada

My first time meeting Mr Flyswatter in person! We both messed about on the TXTRTN, stitched together three new tracks, called it a day and had some curry!🌶️🍛

There’s also a bonus recording, Cannot Zoom In, an Extratoenified interpretation of the creative process preserved forever in mp3 form. Clearly we really weren’t very well prepared. One pair of headphones between us, the new TXTRTN feature was glitching, and my VCV Patches just felt… off. Naturally we spent most of our productive time making memes and tweaking sourcecode. 😛 Oof that sounds negative. Well it shouldnt ‘cos it was a lovely experience! Dare I say, meticulously planning a collaboration would have been deeply Unextratoenish! 😈

OK, that’s the story behind it all. The tracks themselves start as wobbly rack-made melodies cowering before the iron-fist of Galactic Flex. War is declared upon Japanese Googology, fought with an accelerated arsenal of obliterated supertones. Sailor Moon relives painful memories of her past life as Britney “Stuttertone ist Krieg” Spearsmiderpan. Finally, we return the cosmos for a recycling of Planet Zog, which (as you should know!) is a fierce sounding track.💣🔥

Thanks again for meeting+collaborating, F.S.! 😄



improvisation · flextone · funny


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