Major Txtrtn Update

I’ve started updating Txtrtn (my terminal based Extratone production/performance tool) again. I just made these changes yesterday evening after over a year of inactivity, and in my honest opinion, these changes really put Txtrtn on another level.

The github project is available here and can be installed by running:

git clone

New features:

What next?

Probably more stuff coming soon. There are some more features I’ll have to add in order for Txtrtn to fully replace conventional musical software (as far as Xtrtn producers are concerned).

In the short term, more keyboard shortcuts are a must, and I would like to have some support for playing single-use sound effects (for vocals, explosions, background ambience, etc.). In the longer term, I’d like to add support for mixing other songs and mayyybe melody generation, something along the lines of my old Hallucigenia project but with built-in quantisation.

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