Further Txtrtn Updates

Following on from the update last week, I’ve added yet more features to my homemade Extratone DAW/Performance tool. WAY more features.

As usual, the github project is available here and can be downloaded by running:

git clone https://github.com/EaterOfSheep/txtrtn

Many new features and changes this week, the main ones being:

Future plans

Well, I achieved all of last week’s short term goals, and one of the long term goals! I am still yet to add in melody generation, though I’m not in a rush to add that feature yet. For now, I’d rather build on or make the most of the existing features.

I’m not yet satisfied with the LFO Flex feature from last week, it is rather limited and awkward to use at present. I think it could be made far more interesting by, for example, adding more LFOs that adjust the tempo, filters, playback speeds and even the parameters of the other LFOs. It would also be nice to have slewed flex/unflex controls to create continuous, organic flextones. Perhaps I will program in these features next weekend, we shall see!

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